10 Most Messed Up Moments In DC Comics

9. Ghost Superboy

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DC Comics

You may have had bad days, but you’ve likely never had a day where your dead love interest shows up alive, starts bleeding from the eyes and face, and then turns out to be an illusion made specifically to mess you up.

This means all your days have - at the absolute least - been better than Wonder Girl's experience in the 2006 Wonder Woman comic, where Doctor Psycho creates an illusion of her dead boyfriend, proving his name awfully accurate.

What makes the whole thing all the more messed up is that Superboy had been canonically dead for a long time before the comic. While this would usually clue you in that said character wasn’t actually there, the frequency with which heroes come back – especially major ones - makes you initially suspect it might be real.

The real scenario – a ghostly Superboy melting into flesh and blood – is way, way worse, for his believable return being cut so brutally short.


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