10 Most Powerful Mutants In Marvel History

The X-Men have some seriously powerful characters...

Marvel Comics

Marvel certainly has its fair share of Mutants, but some are more powerful than others. Like other superpowered beings, there is a ranking system to determine the level of power and ability a Mutant has with the fabled "Omega" level topping the list.

When a Mutant is classified as Omega, they are pretty much as powerful as a character can get in the Marvel Universe. These people are capable of using their gifts to affect changes on a planetary scale, but not every Omega-Level Mutant is an all-powerful god... only some are.

The Mutants whose abilities put them into a class above the rest stand as some of the most powerful characters throughout the Marvel Universe. Some of them are good guys and some are bad, but all are way overpowered when compared to the rest.

Of all the marvellous Mutants with this classification, the ones who are more powerful than others tend to stand several levels of power over their peers. These 10 are the most powerful of them all based on their abilities, what they've done in the past, and their potential to wreak havoc upon the Marvel Universe at a moment's notice.


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