10 Potential Superhero Video Games (And Who Should Make Them)

Hellboy by From Software? Blade by Platinum? TMNT By Rocksteady?

Blade Platinum Game
Marvel/Platinum Games

We're set to be in a good situation when it comes to comic book video games going forward. Ever since Rocksteady shot through the proverbial Bat-ceiling in 2009 with Arkham Asylum, publishers have been scrambling (and regularly failing) to match what the studio achieved, but that looks set to change with Insomniac's Sony-exclusive Spidey reboot. Also, given how Marvel are taking things one step further with the introduction of the Avengers Project - a massive multi-project deal between the publisher and Square Enix - it looks as though the comic book video game is coming back in a big way.

Irrespective of whether or not they do so through genuine quality or just sheer quantity (we do, of course, hope it is the former), it is obvious that there's a massive audience for superhero-themed gaming projects, hence the sudden drive from Marvel to out-Arkham the competition, who - at this point - look likely to sit out the next inevitable Bat-title for at least another year.

But who else should get in on the comic book craze? I kind of sneakily hope that everyone does, to be honest. Especially if it means enjoying a title featuring the B and C-listers of the Marvel and DC Universes. Bonus points if they're from neither.

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