Batman: Arkham Insurgency - Everything We Know So Far

Get the lowdown on the worst-kept secret of E3 2017.

Batman Arkham Insurgency
Warner Bros.

We all knew Warner Bros. weren't going to let the Arkham franchise truly be put to bed - no matter how much Rocksteady tried to give 2015's Arkham Knight a sense of finality. Bruce was completely disillusioned with being Batman after Joker's death, he'd broke things off with Catwoman - even Wayne Manor had exploded, literally ending the developer's run with the character in a ball of flames.

Yet, like with Arkham Origins, Warner Bros. always have their in-house Montreal studio on-hand, and if all of these rumours are correct, we'll be seeing another Arkham title at E3 2017.

Thankfully, WB aren't picking up the literal pieces to kickstart another post-Arkham Knight story. Instead they're travelling once again into prequel territory, resurrecting Joker and shining a light on what Batman was up to in the time between Arkham Origins and Arkham Asylum.

Whether fans actually want another Arkham game remains to be seen, though Rocksteady's patented third-person brawler formula has formed the basis for many open-world action titles since, and if any franchise deserves to showcase said gameplay, it should come with a bat symbol attached.

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