10 Reboots That Changed Comic Books Forever

Sometimes, a reboot can change the comic book industry forever!

Marvel Comics

When it comes to comic books, you don't have to read much before you come across a rebooted character or franchise. After all, many characters have been in print for decades, which leads creators to change them with the times. Superman couldn't be sitting at a typewriter in 2010 so he was updated to a more modern work environment.

That sort of change happens all the time, but when it comes to a reboot or retcon of a character or franchise that changed comics forever, you have to look beyond a simple technology upgrade/update.

There have been events in comics resulting in the deaths of popular and powerful characters, some that restructured entire universes, and even one or two that relaunched seemingly dead publishing houses.

While there have been hundreds of these sorts of reboots over the years, only a select few have had a significant cultural impact on the industry. These ten are arguably the most important to ever happen in the world of comic books and its associated media since the first comics were published nearly a century ago.


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