10 Terrifying Batman: The Animated Series Episodes That Gave You Nightmares

When the Dark Knight went even darker...

Man Bat
Warner Bros.

Batman: The Animated Series spoiled an entire generation. A more mature show, it was a brilliant amalgam of what had worked for the live-action Batman movies in the preceding years and what could be generously considered a children's show. The art style was dark, even drawn on black backgrounds, and the writing did not hide the fact that Batman was a very dark concept.

Criminals would use firearms that looked and sounded like actual guns, characters were actually put in harm's way with blood and even death occurring on more than one occasion, and there were some very intense themes to boot.

In short, this was a children's show unlike any before it, and that meant there were times the series would stray into genuinely scary territory, for both the young and old.

With creepy clay-men and terrifying tales that would pass for horror, here are the most unnerving episodes from BTAS...


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