10 Things Everyone Always Gets Wrong About Venom

8. Venom Was Always Part Of Spider-Man 3

Sony Pictures

When marketing for Spider-Man 3 began, fans would be forgiven for thinking that Venom was always a part of the film, and central to its premise.

However, director Sam Raimi has been very outspoken about his lack of knowledge about the character, and the push from the studio to provide Venom as a healthy dose of fan service.

Raimi and his brother, Ivan, had focused the story around Peter's relationships with Mary Jane, Aunt May, and Harry Osborn, just like his previous two turns as director for the franchise, and had The Sandman serving as primary antagonist.

However, when the studio decided Venom should be incorporated, Raimi gave in, and the plot became muddied, with too much to handle in this trilogy's final chapter.

While famously getting the character wrong, this movie also created some of the best internet memes, with the dark haired, long-fringed Tobey Maguire now safely embedded in internet history for the rest of time.


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