10 Things Everyone Always Gets Wrong About Venom

9. Spider-Man Was The First Hero To Bond With The Symbiote

Marvel Comics

Thanks to a retcon of Venom's origin, canon has been altered, it turns out that none other than Deadpool was the first to bond with the symbiote.

The Merc with the Mouth was the first major hero to interact with the symbiote in Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars, and his red and black costume gets a white and black recolour that makes the mercenary look somehow even more badass.

It is heavily implied that Deadpool's warped psyche is the reason for Venom's own, and that Wade Wilson gave up the symbiote because he did not want to subject the living organism to anymore of his depraved thoughts and lunacy. As he leaves, Deadpool happily points Spider-Man in the direction of the symbiote, and the rest is history.


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