10 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Wolverine

He's certainly not the worst at what he does...

Marvel Comics

Wolverine - everybody's favourite Clint Eastwood-esque Canadian bruiser with a penchant for popping claws and growling out his words - has had a good long life in Marvel comics over the years, growing as a character but never really undergoing the kind of changes we've seen in other heroes under the comics publisher.

Still, even with his generally consistent personality, there's a lot that audiences - and readers - get wrong about him. Hugh Jackman's Wolverine, stunning and iconic as he might be, differed somewhat from his comics counterpart, and while Logan's just as popular on the page as he is off it, some of his subtler traits fall to the wayside when writers focus on his more obvious quirks.

A lot of what audiences think Wolverine is all about, extrapolated from his fan-favoured persona, can easily be debunked by just one look at his many, many comic book runs.

He might be the best at what he does, but when people keep getting him wrong, what's that even supposed to mean?

10. He Can't Die

Marvel Comics

With titles like "Death of Wolverine" headlining Marvel comics in the last few years, it's pretty safe to say that while he's just as likely to come in and out of the revolving door that characterises superhero lifespans, Wolverine is still very much capable of actually dying.

Most of these deaths (and yes, there are more than one) have to do with his healing factor failing, whether through natural means like old age, or through experiments by his many enemies. There have also been instances in which Magneto was able to control Wolvie's Adamantium skeleton and literally rip him apart.

There are many creative ways the Marvel team have thought up to murder their supposed "unkillable" character over the years, and at some point you have to wonder when people will stop thinking that an advanced healing factor equals immortality.

Moreover, when will Marvel realise that killing the same character a thousand times will stop grabbing attention, given that Marvel fans all know that it never really sticks?

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