8 Reasons Why The Marvel Legacy Return Is Nothing To Be Excited About

You mean to tell me we have five Wolverines? Woo?

Marvel Comics

With the release of Marvel Legacy #1, Marvel have set out to reinvigorate and renew their universe after a spate of bad press and negative fan reaction to a year long controversial event and plot line. That, along with the even longer complaints of fans old and new that the comics they'd found in comic stores look nothing like the superheroes found on the big screen.

With Marvel Legacy, Marvel hoped to bring back the classic feel of Marvel without throwing out the newer, more diverse roster they'd been cultivating and make something to excite the old readers, the new generation of readers, and maybe even those elusive fans in waiting too.

What better way to mark this change than with a hopeful return of a character that Marvel claimed was a fan favourite, long missed by fans, and had been gone for a long time? A character who's also, ostensibly, the heart and soul of the Marvel Universe.

And then, like that guy you took home one night at university (you know the one), Marvel blew its wad early, a whole two days early even, just as the publisher has done with every major spoiler over the last few years.

And much like that guy from uni, it left readers feeling a little... meh.

Spoilers ahead, obviously, as we discuss just how underwhelming this reveal truly was.


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