10 Times The Punisher Humiliated Everyone

How to make friends and influence people, Punisher style.

Marvel Comics

The Punisher is no stranger to making people look bad. A heavily armed ex-military vigilante with serious anger management issues, when he's not shooting criminals in the face, he frequently finds himself at odds with the government, law enforcement and more traditional heroes of the Marvel Universe. As such, Frank Castle is not a popular man.

When it comes to fighting criminals, the plan is simple: killing, and lots of it. But when faced with super-powered individuals like Spider-Man and Thor, or set against a team of technically innocent military men, the man with the battle van has to change the plan somewhat. Guns are all fine and well when you're shooting drug dealers, but someone like the Incredible Hulk is going to take a bit more... creativity.

Whether straight-up murder is on the table or off of it, Castle continues to run rings around everyone who might come after him. Or vice versa. With criminals, heavily armed soldiers and celebrated superheroes alike all left looking like rank amateurs in the wake of the Punisher, one thing is clear... you don't mess with Frank Castle. Or Garth Ennis.


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