10 Times The Punisher Humiliated Everyone

10. The End

Marvel Comics

First, The End. In which the Punisher ends the world. Or at least finishes what's left of it.

In the aftermath of nuclear oblivion, only the Punisher and a handful of survivors remain. Those last men alive had better hope that they meet the Punisher's standards for continued survival...

Which, of course, they don't. Deeming them responsible for ending the world, Frank duly executes them in his usual no-nonsense manner, their pleas falling upon deaf ears. "The human race. You've seen what that leads to." He then turns and does the same thing to his only remaining companion (for accidentally murdering some children, in a bit of insurance fraud gone wrong), before heading out for a walk in the flaming remains of the world.

In the End, and this world of Marvel gods and superheroes (who, granted, may never have existed in the MAX alternate universe anyway), who would have thought the Punisher and his grim worldview to be the last man standing? Frank Castle doesn't laugh, but if he did, the last would be his.


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