10 Weird Alternate Versions Of Spider-Man

Webbed Wonders from all across the Spider-Verse.

Marvel Comics

Spider-Man is a character who has changed very little since his first introduction. While other characters may have had their costumes upgraded or their origins tweaked over the years, Peter Parker has remained pretty consistent.

The blue and red underoos have remained a constant staple (apart from the occasional foray into the also stylish black costume) and his origin has stayed true to its key points of a radioactive spider, a dead uncle and a guilt complex that can be seen from space.

However, as we've seen in comics like Spider-Verse, there is a whole multiverse filled with arachnid-themed superheroes. While a lot of these characters may only be a slight variation on the Spider-Man formula, others take it in a completely new and often strange direction.

With an infinite amount of universes there are an infinite amount of possibilities and sometimes that results in a version of Spider-Man who is a punk rocker or a man who is an actual spider.

And it's not just true of comics, there have been some pretty crazy versions of the wall crawler from the big and small screens too.

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