10 Weirdest Comic Book Romances You Won’t Believe

Because everyone just wants to get with Thanos, evidently.

Marvel Comics

If there's one thing that Love Island has proven for us, it's that folk love to know about other people's relationships - so much so that this urge spreads even into comics, where fans have a fascination with superhero relationships that never seems to be satisfied.

While couples like Batman and Catwoman or Superman and Lois Lane are iconic even outside of comics fandom, there are a fair share of relationships that fall under the radar. And that's really a shame, especially when so many of them are so damn surreal.

Much like in real life, both DC and Marvel are peppered with odd couples and unusual pairings that you would never in a million years place together, and yet have canonically had something together in their respective comic universes.

And though they are totally surreal, it's equally surprising to see just how much many of these odd couples have you kind of rooting for them... or desperately seeking your nearest hypnotist to get rid of the memories, since this kind of thing tends to be either incredibly wholesome or straight-up nightmare fuel.

Ranging between unconventional to downright illegal in some parts of the world, these relationships are a solid reminder that reality is not stranger than fiction, because in fiction, Supergirl did once date a horse.


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