10 Worst Things Bane Has Ever Done

Breaking the Bat? Not even close to his worst deed.

DC Comics

With Bane being best remembered for breaking Batman's spine in Knightfall, you'd perhaps be surprised to discover that the ne'er-do-well has actually been responsible for far worse things in the span of his villainous past.

Since Knightfall was Bane's introduction into the DC universe, there was only one place to go with any of his future appearances, and that place was downhill - into yet worse evil deeds.

With a childhood that involved indiscriminate murder, you shouldn't really be surprised that Bane is capable of elaborate and evil plans - or straight up brutal murders - but somehow it still manages to prove shocking each and every time. Literally every major storyline involving Bane features him doing at least one terrible thing ,and his minor features can sometimes be even worse, such as his sneaky murder of Judomaster during the Infinite Crisis series.

Even when he's not being as evil as usual - such as his feature in the Secret Six, or any of the occasions where he's worked with the Batman - only serve to emphasise how terrible he can be the rest of the time, which makes it feel all the worse when he does finally turn against his own allies.


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