10 Worst Things Bane Has Ever Done

9. Committing Prison Genocide

Bane Batman Alfred Pennyworth
DC Comics

Proving that evil doesn't need to amp up, our first proper look at an adult Bane in Batman: Vengeance of Bane sees the villain murder thirty of his fellow prison inmates for seemingly the sole purpose of flexing how tough he is for everyone in Peña Duro to see.

Until this point, all of Bane's murders had been justifiable actions, with his childhood murder of the man about to abuse him pretty much as warranted as killing can get.

This later murder spree, however, is significantly less justifiable, and far more outright evil, with it being suggested that this is the first time of many that the continually confined convict loses his temper and succumbs to his great internal rage.

When you do something that scares people who have been guarding one of the worst prisons in the world for years, you know it's something that's genuinely pretty messed up.


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