10 Worst Things Bane Has Ever Done

10. Ruining Batman's Wedding

DC Comics

Remember holding out hope Batman and Catwoman would actually get married? All the dreams and fan speculation that got crushed to the ground? Well, you can officially blame Bane for that one.

Because the cancellation of said wedding is revealed to be one of Bane's most convoluted plans to date, involving him paying off one of Catwoman's oldest friends in order to get her to convince the anti-hero that marrying her dark brooding beau would make stop being Batman, knowing that this would cause her to call off the marriage.

It's convoluted, but more than that, it's also needlessly personal. Unless this is Bane's way for expressing his upset that Talia Al Ghul would always pick the Bat over him, it's unclear why he picked such a weirdly petty way to get at his enemy.


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