10 X-Men Characters Most SHAFTED By The Movies

9. Angel

X-Men Apocalypse
Marvel Studios

On the surface, yes, the character referred to as "Pigeon Wings" in Deadpool 2 doesn't look to be the most important X-Man out there. He does boast something of a reputation in the comics though, which is why he was included in both X-Men: The Last Stand and X-Men: Apocalypse.

The first appearance, where the character was played by Ben Foster, fell victim to the already mediocre nature of the film itself, with Warren Worthington being given pretty much nothing to do other than argue with his father and fly around sporadically in certain sequences. His costume - keeping in with the then superhero movie trend of not liking costumes - amounted to little more than a pair of jeans.

Apocalypse should have - at least in theory - been the perfect vehicle to reintroduce the character to audiences. His history with the Ancient Egyptian has always made for an interesting story (or several) in most X-Books, with Angel transforming into the metallic Archangel when he decides to become one of Apocalypse's horsemen.

If you were looking to see a thorough exploration of Angel's descent into villainy in the film however, you'd be out of luck. Warren does little more than Brood and fight Nightcrawler, and his transformation into Archangel lacks any of the horror it did in the source-material either.

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