11 Most Powerful Weapons In DC History

9. Khaji Da

DC Comics

Khaji Da is a scarab, which was sent to Earth by an alien race known as the Reach. It is one of many living computers sent across the galaxy to find planets with capable species it could bond itself to and make into a shock troop for future invasion.

When Khaji Da arrived on Earth in ancient Egypt, it was purified by mystical energies and had its programming altered so that it no longer served the Reach.

After a great deal of time, it was found by Jaime Reyes and it bonded with its new host in such a way as to endow all of the power of the Reach upon the human, thus making Reyes the Blue Beetle.

As the Blue Beetle, Reyes can fly, has incredibly tough armor and malleable limbs. He can also heal from just about anything, absorb energy, and fire off self-made projectiles.

This version of the Blue Beetle is the third, having retconned the original's origin story a bit, but its power is arguably much greater now that it has a sinister alien origin.


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