11 Most Powerful Weapons In DC History

10. The Cosmic Staff

DC Comics

The Cosmic Staff may sound like something crafted deep within the darkest reaches of space, but it originated right here on planet Earth.

It was originally constructed by Ted Knight, otherwise known as Starman who served on the Justice Society of America. It is most commonly associated with Courtney Whitmore, the superhero known as Stargirl who also served on the team.

The Staff has been carried by several characters in the DC Universe thanks to its unique abilities. The Staff has the ability to absorb solar energy from all the stars in the universe (not just the sun) and convert it into a form of malleable energy, which has a ton of uses.

It can create force fields, shoot energy blasts, create energy constructs, and enable its wielder to fly. It also has the ability to detect different forms of radiation, emit a heat ray, and give its user telekinetic abilities.


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