12 Most Anticipated Comics Coming In 2018

Some closer than you think...

Marvel Comics

Last year was an incredible year for comics, and lucky for us the trend seems to be continuing into the next.

With titles like Mister Miracle, The Platoon, Hawkeye and more, 2017 proved to be one of the medium's greatest, with both the Big Two and the rest of the industry's big publishers turning in some truly compelling storylines focussing on heroes big and small. It was a year of incredible highs (as well as controversies), but the main thing is that there's plenty of reason to be excited if you're a comic fan in the here and now.

Reboots of classic comics and old imprints will undoubtedly be the talk of the town this year, but there’s also a whole bunch of new creator-owned series making their way on to the scene too, as well as debuts for new comics situated within the Marvel and DC universes.

If anything, the sheer range of titles releasing this year speaks to the heterogeneous nature of the medium as it currently exists; old staples are present (as are criticisms of saturation and character fatigue), but there’s a hefty dose of new mixed in with the old.

Here are the comics that caught our eye the most.

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