10 Best Comic Books Of 2017

It really has been a brilliant year for comics...

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2017 might've garnered a bad rap for being the worst, well, thing since 2016, but it's been a good year for comics on the whole.

That's not to say that the industry hasn't been without its calamitous moments this year; Secret Empire set about defining the meaning of 'tone-deaf' to a whole other level entirely with its Nazification of Steve Rogers, Marvel managed to upset just about everyone with Marvel Legacy's variant cover crisis and - for a long time at least - it felt as though the year would be typified more-so by the publisher's managerial woes than by the very real and very apparent quality that was rolling off their printing presses.

It's a shame, because there have been so many amazing comics published this year, from DC, Marvel and beyond. Tom King continues to amaze us all with his work at DC, Atlantic reporter Ta-Nehisi Coates is over a year into his seminal stint on Black Panther, and even Garth Ennis himself marked a triumphant return to the medium with a prelude to his character-defining run on the Punisher with The Platoon.

Yes, the culture as a whole feels fairly f---ed right now, dominated by an old-guard oblivious to the open and equal tenets their favourite heroes were founded upon back in World War II, but that shouldn't stop us from taking a moment to celebrate all the best and brightest comics 2017 gave us, from Marvel, DC and beyond.

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