5 Characters Marvel Need To Reinvigorate

What happened to Jack O'Lantern anyway?

Marvel Comics

Across all the various heroes, villains, teams and organisations within Marvel Comics, there are a lot of moving parts. As a result, some characters that were at the forefront of stories sometimes fade into the background and even disappear entirely for months or years at a time. Not every character enjoys the same exposure.

Nothing is forever within the realm of comics and as we well know, not even death can keep characters away forever. While some characters disappear for good reason and are better off forgotten - we're looking at you, Adam-X - others simply fall through the cracks because there's no narrative thread for them.

Regardless of how these characters fall to the back of the pack, there's always the chance they could pop up again. A lot of the time, all these characters need is a new costume, a new team or a new villain to bring them out of themselves. There are some real gems in the Marvel roster that could be utilised at any moment to enhance stories and supplement active teams. Let's take a look at just a few.


Gary has been reading Marvel Comics since he was 6 years old. Rather than retain knowledge on things such as Maths or Science - he chose to become a sponge for most things Marvel. He has a longstanding grudge against Iron Man he has harbored since Civil War(2006).