5 Reasons Why Batman Is Really A Bad Guy

4. He Is A Rich Guy Who Beats Up Poor People

batman beat This has always struck as an often overlooked facet of Batman's persona. Bruce Wayne is one of the richest men in the DCU and all of his super hero abilities are a product of his incredible wealth. So why is it we see him so often beating up thugs who are dirty, in raggedy clothes and look like they have had a rough time of life? The answer is of course that there thugs are employed by super villains because they are unemployed and possibly even homeless. They work out of necessity for these people. So why are we applauding this rich man using all his fancy toys on beating the snot out of poverty stricken people? Especially in a world of the Occupy Wall Street movement, it seems insane to me that Batman is such a revered hero. Bruce Wayne could help clean up the streets of Gotham by investing in Wayne Enterprises and creating more jobs and income for the city, instead of solving everything with just his fist. These people need jobs and financial help. Not broken jaws because of some psychopath's perverted ideas of justice.
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