5 Reasons Why Batman Is Really A Bad Guy

bats We all love Batman. He is quite easily the most popular and loved hero in the 21st Century thanks to the recent Christopher Nolan movies. While he had always been on par with most of the big heroes prior to the 2000s, he is a character that has really struck a chord in us living in today's society. Partially because of the post-9/11 outlook on the world but also partially because our pop culture leans more towards 'darkness' and 'realism' now. However, should we really be celebrating Bruce Wayne? There is so much about him that is dangerous and undesirable that we ignore because he is the protagonist. However, if the tables were turned, would we really empathise with a man who goes around twisting the justice system to his own whims and beating the snot out of whoever he deems fit? Here are five points that I have come across that really mark out Batman as a bad guy and not a man who really should be celebrated for his moral beliefs and actions. Come on a trip with me as I try and point out how when it comes down to it, Bruce Wayne is just a celebrated and especially dangerous criminal.

5. He Is Psychotic

batman dark knight returns I don't think thee is much debate in the fact that Bruce Wayne is psychotic. The man has clearly lost touch with what ever reality he lives in. (You don't have to point out he is not real for all you spoil sports out there.) Bruce Wayne has so much money and a butler who actively eggs him on in his persona, that no one has ever really sat him down and told him "What on earth are you doing?!" Okay, people have done that, but his Batman persona was already so strongly established that he didn't care what they had to say and by the end of each ordeal he seemed to justify it in some warped way. The true fact is that there is no Bruce Wayne. There is only Batman. His human side is all a facade and there is no man under the hood. If you dig under the surface of Batman, you find more Batman. That is not the kind of person who is fit for service over people. We need some one with a human heart who has empathy and mercy, instead of just a monotone broken soul who has exact morals of right and wrong. That isn't the makings of a safer Gotham, the is the seedling for a totalitarian state.
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