50 Best Comics Of 2013

Batman Zero Year 2013 has been a great year for comics with the readership growing thanks to the popularity of movies like Man of Steel, Iron Man 3, and The Wolverine. There've also been some superb releases from publishers like Image who've put out highly original creator owned works that have challenged the dominance of superhero comics published by the Big 2, Marvel and DC. Now that 2013 is nearly over, it's that retrospective time of year when we look back at the year that was and celebrate the greatness that was released. So whether you're a seasoned comics reader looking to see if your favourite comics get mentioned, or you're looking for some good titles to read that you might've missed, or you're completely new to comics and want to know what recent releases are worth picking up, this article is for you. A quick word about the content of this piece: some of the picks have only appeared this year as single issues, some have been published as single issues last year and were released as collected editions this year (some, thanks to a certain publisher's accelerated shipping schedule, have appeared in both formats!). However, all have been published this year in one format or another. Whatever your tastes, whether it's for superheroes or indie comics, sci-fi, history, comedy, drama, fantasy or slice of life, there's something here for everyone to enjoy. These are the top 50 best comics that came out in 2013 €“ readers assemble!
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