6 Best Ways To Bring Wolverine Back From The Dead

There's no way he's staying dead. These are the six best ways to resurrect the slain X-Man.

Wolverine staying dead is about as likely as...well...Captain America staying dead. He was the best there is at what he did, and he went out in grand fashion. The man known as Logan, Patch, James Howlett and Weapon X is one of the greatest characters of the Marvel universe and in October of 2014, his tale was brought to its conclusion. The adamantium-clawed mutant ended where he began: In the bowels of the Weapon X program. In Marvel's Death of Wolverine series, a virus from the Microverse nullifies Wolverine's healing factor, rendering him vulnerable to damage. When Logan learns that a price has been put on his head, he comes to discover that the culprit is Weapon X founder Dr. Cornelius. Logan then tracks down Dr. Cornelius in the Weapon X laboratory, defeats the doctor's star pupil (inadvertently killing Cornelius with a chunk of glass to the intestine in the process) and slashes through the adamantium infusion device. This, unfortunately, coats our hero in the molton alloy. Despite the liquid metal searing and hardening at the same time, Wolverine frees the current round of Weapon X test subjects and trods outside, past the dying Cornelius, and kneels before the setting sun; settling into a metallic statue. Logan's remains change hands a few times before finally being rightfully obtained by the X-Men. With his metal-petrified body in safe hands, Wolverine can finally rest...for now. His daughter/clone X-23 Laura Kinney has taken up the Wolverine mantle for now, but nobody stays dead in the comics for long. When the time finally comes to bring him back into action, these are the best 6 ways Marvel can revive the savage samurai.

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