7 Best Friendships In Marvel Comics

7. Luke Cage & Danny Rand

Marvel Comics

If you know these characters from their respective Netflix shows, then it may come as somewhat of a surprise to you to learn that usually, in the comics, they are the best of friends.

In the company's original medium the characters have a long history of being friends, with the pair frequently teaming up in their Heroes For Hire title. Danny often uses his resources to support his friend, with the billionaire helping Luke by taking the bulletproof man away to China as per the orders of his wife, Jessica, in order to protect him from the ferocity of the Purple Man or constantly buying him new cars after he throws them at a villainous threat.

These actions may seem meagre in the grand scheme of things, but if you ever read either of the heroes' titles then you'll know that there is enormous love and trust between the two.


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