8 Reasons Why The Marvel Legacy Return Is Nothing To Be Excited About

1. There Are Already Five Wolverine's Running Around

Marvel Comics

Yeah, that's right. The 'real' Logan/Wolverine is back now! Isn't that exciting?Because we missed having a Wolverine running around, being brutal, popping claws, being the best there is at what they do! Yeah!

Except we already have X-23 (Laura Kinney), the current All New Wolverine, who has taken up the mantle of her daddy/brother/genetic donor, so technically we've had someone doing that. But you know, it's not the O.G. Wolverine!

Except... well, we do have Old Man Logan, who is ostensibly just a much older version of the O.G. Wolverine, so is kind of grumpier, but does all the classic Logan things of popping claws, making grumpy, gritty statements, being gruff, swigging beer and being a badass.

Oh, and then there's the alternate reality son of Wolverine, Jimmy Hudson, currently running around in X-Men Blue and basically being Wolverine, and even getting set up in a love triangle between him, Scott Summers and Jean Grey.

Oh, and also the main reality bisexual son of Wolverine - Daken - is running about again, and will even be playing a role in the upcoming plotline in All New Wolverine.

And let's not forget Weapon H, a genetic mashup of Wolverine and the Hulk. So, you know, technically a Wolverine.

But okay Marvel, yeah, we really needed another Wolverine right now. Not like this is going to get confusing or anything, of course...

What do you think of Wolverine's return? Is it what you'd been hoping for? Let us know in the comments below!

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