8 Upcoming Superhero Games That Could Be The Next Batman: Arkham

All it takes is a dash of passion, a dollop of creativity, and a hefty scoop of Batman.

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Superheroes and video games are intrinsically tied. With the colourful characters, superpowers, and huge fandom, they seem like a match made in nerd heaven.

It's been almost ten years since Arkham Asylum, and the fact that no other developer has managed to take a popular superhero and craft a game in the same vein as Rocksteady is truly surprising. However Marvel and DC are working towards crafting better games with better developers. Superhero video games are ripe for the picking, and it certainly feels like we are on the cusp of achieving greatness.

But which games specifically have what it takes to become the next Arkham?

With titles based on Marvel, DC and more, here are the titles comic book fans - and gamers - should keep an eye on.

8. Marvel's Spider-Man


From the moment this game was shown, expecatations were higher for a Spider-Man game than they had ever been before. You see, from 2000 until 2014, Activision was the publisher behind Spider-Man games. Over the course of those 14 years, the publisher produced 14 games. It doesn't take a genius to tell you that is not a formula for success.

Now, to be fair, some of those games were good; the original PS1 Spider-Man was excellent, Spider-Man 2 is, to date, the most popular web-slinging game ever made, and then Shattered Dimensions and Edge of Time were fairly decent titles. However, Activsion drove the license into the ground and its last few Spider-Man titles were pretty much cash-grabs before their deal with Marvel expired.

Following that deal, Marvel paired with Insomniac Games, developer of Ratchet & Clank, Resistance, and Sunset Overdrive, to make a Spider-Man title. The developers' previous three games show that they can craft funny and colourful characters, emotional and personal stories, and zany open-worlds with amazing traversal. That's why fans are super excited for Spider-Man on PS4, and the early buzz around the game suggests this could very well be the next Arkham series.

WhatCulture Gaming even gave it five stars!


Curtis is from Ireland and lives in Canada now.