8 Worst Things The Riddler Has Ever Done

8. Drugging Barbara Gordon

DC Comics

DC Comics’ Elseworlds stories always allow for things to be shook up a little, and the alt-world Thrillkiller tale saw The Riddler become a total creep. Well, an even bigger creep than usual, that is.

Thrillkiller takes place in a 1960s Gotham City in which Batman doesn’t exist. While the Caped Crusader is absent from this world, Gotham does still have a Batgirl and Robin. And it’s with Barbara Gordon that Edward Nygma’s eerie side really starts to show itself.

In this ‘what if?’ story, Nygma is a psychiatrist and award-winning author rather than an all-out, suited ‘n’ booted supervillain. That doesn’t mean he’s not a nasty piece of work, however. So much so, Edward takes advantage of Barbara upon her deciding to pay him a visit in a patient capacity.

Purposely giving her ridiculously strong Valium and other medication, Nygma turns Batgirl into a near-comatose zombie who hangs around people she’d never usually associate with. And it’s not even Barbara who manages to put a stop to all of this, for Riddler’s sinister game is only halted once Jim Gordon and Alfred step up and strongarm the villain.


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