9 Times Batman Broke His One Rule And Killed

9. Crushes People In Junkyards (Various)

Batman Kills Junkyard
DC Comics

This particular entry could actually extend this list well in to double figures, because it's happened several times, but for the purposes of not repeating ourselves we're limiting it to one entry.

Batman seems to enjoying killing people in junkyards, by way of crushing them. Here are a couple of examples of that:

- In 1988's Batman No. 425, Batman fights an angry drug dealer who is seeking revenge on Robin after the Boy Wonder intentionally dropped his brother off a rooftop. The dealer chases Batman with a gun and Batman ends up toppling a large pile of cars on top of him (despite the fact he had lectured Robin about how killing the drug dealers brother was wrong).

- In 1990's Detective Comics No. 613, Batman investigates a turf war going on between rival disposal companies (yeah, really). When he gets there, one of the guys involved in the dispute tries to hit him with a chair, prompting the Dark Knight to kick him, which subsequently launches him in to another crook, leading them both to fall into a garbage grinder.

Pretty brutal - especially in the second instance when the situation was just a couple of guys arguing about who was top dog in the garbage disposal world.


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