9 Times Batman Broke His One Rule And Killed

Batman doesn't kill? These examples say different!

Batman Michael Keaton
Warner Bros.

Batman has one rule: He doesn't kill people (he also doesn't use guns, but that's just an extension of the same rule). Except he actually does - and he has done so on numerous occasions.

The Dark Knight is notorious for his non-lethal methods - preferring to immobilise both petty criminals and supervillains so that the Gotham Police Department can deal with them, rather than getting rid of them for good by killing them. A big deal is made of that fact - Batman is seen as a noble and somewhat merciful vigilante, but the fact is that couldn't be further from the truth. The Caped Crusader is effectively a mass murderer!

Across pretty much all forms of media, he has killed a hell of a lot of people. Whether it's in one-on-one situations or whether he carries out a deed that despatches large groups, he's ended the lives of many - often in quite brutal ways. It really is about time he lost his tag of a non-killer, because he simply isn't one and in this article we're going to take a look at a number of the occasions in which he has offed people.

Here are nine times Batman broke his one rule and killed...


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