9 Worst Things Kingpin Has Done To Daredevil

How can one man cause so much misery?

Marvel Comics

Though he may have started off life as a Spider-Man villain, there's no denying the synonymy Wilson Fisk - the self-anointed Kingpin of Crime - shares with Daredevil.

Since being inserted into Daredevil's comics during Frank Miller's critically lauded stint on the character, Kingpin has made it his life's mission to mess with Matt Murdock, a motivation best exemplified by Miller and artist Dave Mazzucchelli's equally revered graphic novel, Born Again. It's an obsession that transcends Miller's run however, and - barring perhaps Batman and the Joker - it's difficult to think of a rivalry as mythic as the one shared between Murdock and Fisk.

That in itself has presented a big challenge to writers, and while Matt Murdock's life has always been a bit of a punching bag, the stuff Kingpin has done in his long and storied career sits among the most abject schemes in the superhero genre - he really is that much of a villain.

It’s a danger intimated on the screen in Vincent D’Onofrio’s rendition of the villain, and off it in the pages of the character’s comics. How unlucky Daredevil is, that he gets to be his arch enemy.

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