9 Worst Things Kingpin Has Done To Daredevil

9. He Sent Elektra To Kill Foggy

Elektra Foggy Daredevil
Marvel Comics

Wilson Fisk was once New York's biggest crime boss, and with that reputation came a huge amount of resources.

One of his favourites was the ability to call on the world's deadliest assassins whenever he wanted, and while Bullseye was played for laughs in his early appearances, one character who definitely wasn't was Elektra Natchios, Daredevil's would-be love interest and one-time enemy.

During Frank Miller's run on the Daredevil comic, Elektra was originally deployed as a deadly antagonist, and one of Kingpin's most trusted lieutenants. While Fisk was yet to learn of Daredevil's true identity, he did target the offices of Nelson & Murdock in his attempts to assert himself in Hell's Kitchen. Elektra was dispatched to take out one half of the firm, the bow-tie wearing Foggy, but when Nelson recognised her from his college days - where Elektra was Matt's girlfriend - she was unable to complete the contract.

It wouldn't be the last time Fisk would target Murdock's supporting cast however, and while Nelson emerged unharmed, later victims wouldn't be as fortunate...

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