Before Watchmen – Comedian #3 Review

Eddie Blake returns to a new American attitude and turns his crazy on a little.

Marcus Doidge


Comic: Comedian #3

Written By: Brian Azzarello

Pencils By: J G .Jones

Publisher: DC Comics


[rating: 3]

The last issue of Comedian was a bit of a non-event for me. Seeing Eddie Blake head to Vietnam was kinda cool but not a lot happened with the tale. Here in #3 we meet up again with Blake after he’s returned from Vietnam to a very different America full of revolution and protest. I have to say, despite no drastic changes in either writing or story,  I found myself enjoying Comedian more this month. I like it’s playing with Amercian history how it is, whether it be Blake’s relationship with the Kennedys or the changing moods that is changing Blake’s America before his eyes.

The story here is set after something Eddie Blake has done and it’s not a good thing. Bobby Kennedy is on the phone to him and we slowly find out that whatever the Comedian has gotten up to isn’t sitting well with his superiors. There’s a peaceful protest with a girl that doesn’t look dissimilar to Laurie and an attack that unfolds where Eddie Blake doesn’t do what comes as second nature to him and react. From there Eddie is frustrated, with his life, his changing country and his lack on involvement in the times that are a’ changin’.

Getting involved in the L.A. riots, we see Eddie slowly losing his mind as his country is seemingly falling to pieces. His part in this historic event is played with a bit of insanity (thanks largely to his smiley face make up) and there’s a sense that Eddie is losing his hold on the world he thought he knew. There’s a line that hits hard “This ain’t a riot…it’s your own hate reflected back on you” and that seems to sum up the situation perfectly.

The Comedian is beginning to turn into a bit of character study for the character. We’re seeing him change somehow. We’re at that point where he becomes more menacing, more wild and less caring. He’s butting heads with those he probably shouldn’t and there’s a sense that his cock sure attitude towards who he is and how he fits in is about to change as a changing Amercia comes crashing down on him. Of course none of this is unexpected to those familiar with history or indeed the original Watchmen but that doesn’t make it any less great to read.

Before Watchmen: Week 14 Overview:

“These issue #3’s are moving things forward but the pace isn’t all that brisk. The Comedian has become a historical look at the Before Watchmen world and with Eddie showing up around the other titles lately there’s a sense Before Watchmen might all shift into his story or at least how much a part he played in the collapse of crime fighting and the negative public views of the costumed heroes. Nite Owl’s back next week and it’ll be interesting to see if the issue #3’s continue to coast along or up their games.