The Black Lanterns; A group of beings empowered by black rings which are attracted the the dead and the undead.

It doesn’t matter whether the bearer is good, bad or neutral – the only criteria is that they aren’t alive in the conventional sense.

Whether the body of the bearer is a zombie, a vampire, an outright corpse or any other kind of ‘dead’ being, the ring will bond with it and turn them in to vile monsters – altering their personality to make them truly vile individuals in the process (or even more vile than they already were, if indeed they already were…).

Although a small number of Black Lanterns have displayed the ability to create constructs with their rings – like the other corps – the majority don’t seem to bother. They simply gain enhanced strength and durability, massive regenerative capabilities and an urge to kill.

With that in mind, here are ten non-DC characters who could wield the black ring of death…

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This article was first posted on August 1, 2013