Deadpool 2: First Photos Of Josh Brolin's Cable Released

It's almost like the studio could afford another X-Man.

Deadpool 2 Cable Josh Brolin

As is the theme with most Deadpool 2 reveals these days, Ryan Reynolds took to Twitter last night and dropped not one, but two images of Josh Brolin's Cable, a week after audiences got their first look at Zazie Beetz's Domino. And boy, does he look pretty.

Everyone's favourite time-travelling, gun wielding, cybernetic arm-ing X-Man is, of course, due an appearance in Fox's Deadpool sequel. Which, as things currently stand, seems to be owning its nineties Liefield-ian aesthetic - a remarkable feat in and of itself.

Literally everyone looks gorgeous in this film, and as for Cable himself, well, there's so much to pick apart from this image. His bionic eye, for starters, looks perfect; the arm too looks great and, complete with all the scars and ammunition, Nathan Summers seems to be carrying a tattered old teddy bear. Fans have speculated that the presence of the bear (along with a recent set photo of one of Brolin's stunt doubles) points towards Hope Summers - the one time saviour of mutant kind - having some sort of role in the film.

Having Hope involved in some capacity would certainly strike a more dissonant tone for the sequel, especially since everyone, their aunt and their uncle are expecting it to be another irreverent, fourth wall-breaking romp through the X-Men timeline. But still, there's every chance that it is just, y'know, a bear, or a wee nod to the wider X-Men canon.

Regardless, we can expect Brolin's Cable to be kicking plenty of butt when Deadpool 2 arrives June next year, with Wade Wilson's behind in particular a surefire target.


What do you think of Brolin's Cable? More importantly, do you think the bear holds any significance? Let us know in the comments below!

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