Disney Buys Fox: 8 Epic Storylines The MCU Can Now Adapt

Hold onto your surfboards. Things are about to get epic.

Captain Marvel Vs Galactus
Boss Logic/Marvel

The Disney-Fox merger is all but complete, and with that in mind, it's easy to see why the halls of Marvel Studios are already beginning to contemplate how they plan for the future with the likes of the X-Men, Fantastic Four and their respective supporting characters now available for use.

New avenues, opportunities and yes, new storylines will all come into play at various stages over the coming years. Whether or not these changes manifest in the MCU's fourth phase is still up in the air - but for phases five, six and seven? They're a nigh-on certainty.

And though there are obvious concerns to be had regarding the move, there's no getting away from the fact it'll sustain the MCU for years to come, proving that it can thrive even when older heroes begin to make way for the next generation - led by Brie Larson's Captain Marvel.

But what storylines will top Marvel Studios’ shortlist with so many new toys to play with? The likelihood is that there are a lot, and with the MCU having drawn so much success from taking such an all-encompassing approach in adapting the source-material, it’s even likelier that quite a few will end up on the big screen too.

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