Every Spider-Man Movie Villain Ranked From Worst To Best

Is the Vulture any match for Gobby and co?

Marvel Studios

What makes a great comic book villain?

Is it their ability to raise the stakes, hold up a black mirror to the hero stood opposite, or the kind of dark charm that has us rooting for them against our better judgement?

It's all of these things and more, and Spider-Man's extensive rogues gallery is chock full of bad guys who tick all of these boxes.

Many of them have been adapted for the big screen with varying degrees of success, with some filmmakers recapturing these dastardly qualities while others have debased the legacy of classic comic rogues and incurred the wrath of fans for their efforts.

Spider-Man: Homecoming is the latest entry in the series to bring a classic villain from the page to the screen as Michael Keaton's Vulture takes flight opposite Tom Holland's fledgling web-slinger with his band of cronies in tow.

So how does our new big bad, Adrian Toomes, stack up alongside the classic Spidey foes from movies past? We've ranked every major villain from Peter Parker's adventures in celluloid to find out.


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