Gotham Season 5: 5 Major Questions We Have After 'Ruin'

Is [SPOILER] Really Dead?!


Contains spoilers from Gotham Season 5, Episode 4.

Gotham returned to screens earlier this month with an explosive premiere episode - one which spectacularly set up the final season's No Man's Land arc. The hit Fox series has quite frankly been unmissable this year, with each episode delivering shocks and twists at every turn. The latest instalment, Ruin, is no different, as it proved to be one of the series' finest hours to date.

Selina Kyle had much of the focus in this one, as she continued her mission to track down Jeremiah Vaelska and exact bloody revenge for what he did to her. The future Catwoman managed to achieve her goal, as she came face to face with her attacker in a showdown that had huge ramifications for all those involved.

It wasn't just about Selina, however, as - after being absent from last week's episode - Ed Nygma showed up at the GCPD looking for answers. Much like the last time we saw the riddle-obsessed lunatic, his blackouts were still proving to be a problem for him.

Overall, Ruin was another enticing episode. Much like its predecessors, however, the instalment has left us with a lot to mull over until next week's outing, so let's get started...

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