Gotham Season 5 Premiere: 7 Major Questions We Have After Year Zero

Why did Jim Gordon make that strange alliance?


Contains spoilers from Gotham Season 5, Episode 1.

Gotham returned to our screens this past Thursday with what can only be described as an incredibly compelling season premiere - one that laid the groundwork for the final stories of the Batman-prequel series. Save for a few missteps, the episode - entitled Year Zero - delivered in pretty much every department, and set up what promises to be a thrilling final season.

The previous season had concluded with a city-wide evacuation taking place but, in spite of this, Gordon and Bullock - ever the heroes - decided to remain behind in the hope of saving the city from the impending forces of antagonism.

Year Zero finds the two detectives months down the line, and things aren't going so well for them. They're cut off from the outside world, and they're rapidly running out of the supplies they need. In comparison, The Penguin is ruling over the city with an iron fist, looking out for no-one - other than himself, that is.

The action-packed premiere episode has succeeded in getting us excited for what's to come next, but in doing so, it has also left us with many questions.


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