Hawkeye TV Show: 6 Things It Must Include

How Disney can make sure their MCU streaming series hits the bullseye. 


The bubbling rumours of a Hawkeye TV show will come as some relief to Marvel TV fans. While Daredevil’s third season has just released, it comes off the back of the rapid fire cancellation of Luke Cage and Iron Fist. Daredevil himself could soon be dropped, as could fellow defender Jessica Jones.

All that worrying is for another time though. A Hawkeye TV show is a cause for celebration for the fans, especially as he was conspicuously absent from Infinity War. It’s been suggested that not featuring in the third Avengers could be because of a larger role in Avengers 4, but considering the pressurised circumstances of stopping Thanos, Hawkeye fans might not see as much in the way of characterisation as they’d like.

There are some new faces in the MCU cast which might help with that though. While nothing has been officially confirmed, things are looking like one of Hawkeye’s most iconic and important partners may be featuring on his big screen return.

If that’s true, it could be one of the vital ingredients needed to make the Hawkeye show a smash hit.


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