An event that has been imagined, discussed (an actual conversation I’ve had with friends many times: would the Borg and the Cybermen team up, or just wipe each other out?), and made the subject of fan fiction is finally coming to pass. Reported by Bleeding Cool, IDW are publishing a Doctor Who/Star Trek comics crossover.

In May, The Eleventh Doctor and his companions will come face to face with the crew of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Nothing much has been said about the event, with only a cover for the series, depicting The Doctor, Rory, and Amy on the bridge of the Enterprise (The Doctor doing his best “make it so”), being released. IDW are attending the Doctor Who Gallifrey One in a weeks time, and more details are expected to be dropped then.

As a massive fan of both these franchises, I can’t wait for this series. The current Doctor Who series from IDW has done well to retain the humor and charm of the T.V. show, and it would work well against the slightly more serious tone of The Next Generation. I also want to see The Doctor wear Geordie La Forge’s visor, because, you know, “Visors are cool”.

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This article was first posted on February 11, 2012