MCU Phase Four: 8 Marvel Legacy Heroes Who Need To Appear

Let's hope we don't have miles to go until Miles Morales arrives.

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We're all counting down the months until Avengers: Infinity War arrives next year, offering up the first half of the two-part MCU-shattering event that will pit the galaxy's mightiest heroes against Thanos. But what about what happens after that? With many of the OG Avengers likely bowing out with Avengers 4, where is the MCU to go next?

The best way forward for the franchise is to bring on the next generation of heroes. Newer characters like Doctor Strange, Black Panther and Captain Marvel (when she finally arrives) will be the new headline names, of course, but the younger characters will ensure that the universe can carry on indefinitely.

Right now that burden falls on Peter Parker's shoulders but, if the success of Spider-Man: Homecoming should teach Marvel anything, it's that people are in the mood for more younger, relatable heroes. Luckily for Marvel, recent years have seen their comics universe flooded with these type of characters.

It has been a controversial move, as some fans rallied against the older guard being replaced, but it might have paved the wave for the next phase of the movie universe. After all, unlike in a comic book, the original Avengers in the movies can't go on forever. And these characters are the ones who should continue their legacy.


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