New York Comic Con 2017: 10 Major Anouncements That Must Happen

Y'know, a Punisher release date would be handy, Marvel...

Avengers Infinity War

New York Comic Con may not garner as many plaudits as its San Diego counterpart, with the West Coast convention scene outshining the East's in many respects, but NYCC 2017 is gearing up to be a big one.

And not just for Marvel this time either - DC are promising a massive presence at the convention this year, with banners for Justice League adorning the convention centre throughout (another trailer has been mooted). That, and we should be getting some more details on Dark Matter on the convention's first day too, with a panel taking place regarding the relaunch of Earth-M from 4-5PM ET in 1A21 this Thursday.

NYCC is still very much a Marvel show however, and the company are boasting a key presence throughout the event on a whole manner of different fronts. It looks as though Marvel TV will be taking centre stage this year (bar the newly enforced absence of The Punisher), and that - irrespective of how the Inhumans panned out - is enough cause to be excited, on top of the potential for audiences to get their first (non-bootleg) look at Avengers: Infinity War.

There are certain things that fans'll be looking out for, however, and while DC came out on top back in July, one would suspect that Marvel will be making a comeback this October - hopefully with a plenty of announcements to boot.

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