Sony's Marvel Film Universe: 8 Things You Need To Know

8. Silver & Black Features Silver Sable And Black Cat

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Marvel Comics

Pretty self-explanatory, given the title, but even then it's important to remember that the pairing of Silver Sable and Black Cat is an odd one.

The two have crossed paths in the comics on occasion, but a pairing between the two for a big screen feature pushes Sony's universe into uncharted territory. Silver Sable could certainly lead her own film - particularly if it focussed on her and the Wild Pack (a mercenary group from the comics) - but the added bonus of Black Cat could give fans a whole new quandary to wrap their heads around.

What we do know about the project makes for encouraging reading, however. Gina Prince-Bythewood will be the first African American woman to direct a tentpole superhero feature, and Christopher Yost - of Thor: Ragnarok fame - will write the flick along with Lisa Joy Nolan.

If Wonder Woman proved anything, it's that women-led works, well... they work. The film will supposedly centre on Sable tracking down a bounty placed on the Cat, but one would doubt they'll stay enemies for long, especially if it's gunning for a Thelma & Louise vibe.

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