Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse - 10 Reasons To Be Excited

1. It's Separate To The MCU

Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse Miles Morales

While it's obvious we're all pretty excited for what Disney have in store for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it's fair to say the conversation surrounding it has taken a somewhat sinister turn in recent weeks.

Owed in part to the soon-to-be-announced takeover of 21st Century Fox by the House of Mouse, and also to the creative issues that have pervaded the universe behind the scenes, it's fair to say that the medium's premier shared universe has experienced its fair share of issues in recent years. To have something outside of that universe, then, is a welcome relief, irrespective of Sony's own behind-the-scenes drama.

It was disappointing to see Peter get the nod ahead of Miles for an MCU debut in Civil War, and while chances are the second Spidey will get a live-action debut sooner rather than later, an animated feature of his own making - outside of the Fox/Disney milieu - could be just what the doctor ordered, certainly right now.

Into the Spider-Verse might be a year off, at which point, the conversation might've undertaken a considerable shift, but its lack of MCU affiliation - for now at least - feels like a blessing, rather than a curse.

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