Teen Titans Revival: 10 Reasons It Will Be Better Than Titans

Step aside. The real Titans are back.

Warner Bros.

At San Diego Comic Con 2018, a trailer was revealed for Titans, a DC Universe original series based on the Teen Titans comic book series and, quite frankly, it doesn't look all that great.

Between the questionable characterization of Robin, some rather poor-looking visuals, and the fact that the show is so dark that you can barely see anything, a good portion of fans are already unimpressed with this new "mature" take on the Titans.

Luckily, an unlikely wildcard swooped in to make the save just a few days later.

Teen Titans Go! To the Movies (a feature film based on Teen Titans' comedic, kid-friendly spin-off series) features a post-credits scene that shows off the original series' team in all their anime-esque glory and concludes with Robin telling the audience that "we think we've found a way back."

Whether the show will return for a full sixth season or will come back in some other way (such as a TV film or special) remains unclear at the moment. However, the fact remains that it seems as though the Teen Titans revival fans have been demanding for more than a decade is finally happening. And it's already fixing to leave DC Universe's Titans in the dust.


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