The New Mutants Trailer Breakdown: 8 Things You Need To See

8. Cecilia Reyes' Role

New Mutants Cecilia Reyes

Alice Braga's Cecilia Reyes is among the many New Mutants to make their cinematic debut in the upcoming film, but her role was made anything but clear by the trailer.

An X-Man by circumstance in the comics, Reyes is a doctor with the ability to generate her own protective forcefields, and whose speciality lies in working with trauma victims. Given how traumatic Mutant childhoods tend to be, her role in the film seems to fit, but just what exactly she's up to is another matter altogether.

The place where the New Mutants are holed up in certainly doesn't look like a caring institution for Gifted Youngsters, and bears the echo of William Stryker's old facilities in more than one way. Given how she's a protagonist in the comics, it'd make little sense for her to be the villain of the film. What we could be seeing, however, is a heroic transformation - one where Reyes rescues her patients from the facility that they've been caught up in.

Either way, there's clearly more going on here than the trailer's letting on. In regards to the mystery at hand, Reyes is likely to be at the centre of it.

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