The Umbrella Academy: 10 Biggest Changes To The Comics

10. The Lack Of Abhijat

Dark Horse Comics

There are quite a few characters in both versions of the Umbrella Academy, but if you thought that there somehow weren't enough onscreen, then that may be because the TV show missed out one member entirely.

Over the course of the comics, Abhijat has been a recurring - if not especially vocal - character, one who has been making regular appearances since the first issue, being the bodyguard of Reginald Hargreeves.

Though, despite being in such a position for so many years, the Academy do not value him nearly as much as Pogo or their mother, most likely due to his more quiet, subservient role in their lives compared to the other two.

This is most likely why the character was not included in the Netflix adaptation, as casting someone to simply stand in the corner of shots while wearing a fancy uniform would have probably been a bit of a waste of the show's budget.


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